Pizza cooked in a wood-fire oven

From the simplest to the most imaginative pizzas

Only pizzerias with wood-fired ovens are able to offer their customers pizzas which really stay true to the old traditional recipe. The wood-fire oven makes it possible to obtain a completely different result rather than using an electric oven, both as regards the consistency of the dough and the fragrance and aroma resulting from contact with the bricks which are heated by the direct combustion of wood.

Au Lapin Agile, "the nimble rabbit", is a pizzeria with a wood-fire oven, situated between the centre of Turin (near to the Treasury) and the nearby Collegno; the traditional pizzas, like the margherita, the capricciosa, and the pizzas covered with seasonal vegetables are combined with specialty pizzas that offer new taste combinations. Among Au Lapin Agile's proposals:

  • pizzas from the wood-fire oven
  • wholewheat pizzas leavened with natural yeast
  • pizzas with lactose-free mozzarella cheese and rice flour
  • vegetarian pizzas
  • focaccias

    All of the pizzas prepared are also available for takeaway: after waiting a few minutes at lunch and at dinner, you can enjoy your pizza in the comfort of your own home.

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