Seafood restaurant

Typical seafood delicacies

Restaurants that offer seafood delicacies are certainly among the most beloved and sought after; unfortunately it is not always easy to find one that guarantees high quality. Unlike other foods, which have longer conservation times, fish must be prepared and consumed within a very short period time from when it was caught. Otherwise, though still intact and edible, the fish will inevitably lose much of its flavour (even when it is frozen, the result will never be comparable to that which is possible when using fresh fish).

A restaurant specialising in seafood can only achieve excellence when it takes care to select fresh and top quality produce: it is a goal that the Restaurant Pizzeria Au Lapin Agile has aimed to achieve for over 30 years.

Seafood specialties are in fact the highlight of this restaurant, located near the centre of Turin - more precisely in the Parella neighbourhood - proposing the following dishes:

  • Creamy risotto with langoustine
  • Linguine with lobster
  • Aromatic crusted tuna steak
  • Swordfish "parmigiana"
  • Mixed grilled fish
  • parcelled or baked fish

Besides being a seafood restaurant, Au Lapin Agile is also a popular pizzeria with a wood-fire oven.

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